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Culp/Kulp/Kolb Family

Image Flag of Germany Immigrated From Wolfsheim, Image of North Carolina Flag
Baden, Germany to Mecklenburg, North Carolina
in 1729

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  • Ann Kulp (Kolb) - (1676 - 1737)
  • Arnold Kulp - (1688 - ?)
  • Augustine Kulp
  • Barbara Kulp (McKinney) - (1736 - 1785)
  • Benjamin Kulp - (1741 - 1819)    - (French & Indian War, American Revolution)
  • Benjamin Kulp, Jr. - (1794 - ?)
  • Catherine Lance Kulp
  • **Dielman Kulp - (1648 - 1712)
  • Dielman Kulp - (1691 - 1717)
  • Dielman Kulp - (1700 - 1763)
  • Hannah Kulp (Hyatt) - (1788 -1853)
  • Hans Kaspar Kulp - (1716 - 1769)
  • Heinrich Kulp - (1678 - 1730)
  • Heinrich Kulp - (1685 - ?)
  • Henry Kulp - (1688 - 1730)
  • Henry Kulp - (1747 - ca. 1814)
  • Jacob Kulp - (1685 - 1739)
  • John Kulp - (1750 - 1809)
  • Johannes Schumacher Kulp - (1683 - ca. 1765)
  • Konrad Kulp - (ca. 1690 - ?)
  • Margaret Brown Kulp
  • Margaret Eager Kulp (Agers) - (1798 - ?)
  • Mary Taylor Kulp
  • Martin Kulp - (1679 - 1761)
  • Martin Kulp - (1703 - 1771)
  • Peter Kulp - (1671 - 1727)
  • Peter Kulp - (? - 1791)
  • Peter Kulp -(1792 - ?)
  • Sarah Kulp (Crawford) - (1799 - ?)
  • William Kulp - (1803 - ?)

    The Descendents of Dielman Kulp and Mary J. Shumacher

    I. Dielman Kulp
        Dielman was born in 1648 in Wolfsheim, Baden, Germany and died in 1712 Manheim, Germany. He married Mary J. Shumacher in 1670 in Wolfsheim, Baden, Germany. She was born in 1652 in Kriesheim, Germany and died in 1705 in Mannheim, Palatinate, Germany. It has been documented that 4 of his sons were Mennonite Ministers. The 11 children of Dielman Kulp and Mary J Shumacher are as follows:

    II. Peter Kulp
  •   Ann Kulp   b. 1676   d. 2/26/1737   m. Balthaser Kolb
  •   Heinrich (Henry) Kulp   b. 1678   d. 7/1730
  •   Martin Kulp   b. ca. 1679   d. 1761   m. Magdelena Van Sintern
  •   Dielman Kulp   b. 11/10/1691   d. 8/10/1717   m. Elizabeth Schnebli
  •   Johannes Schumacher Kulp   b.5/10/1683   d. ca. 1765
  •   Heinrich Kulp   b. 1685
  •   Jacob Kulp   b. 5/21/1685   d. 10/04/1739   m. Sarah Van Sintern
  •   Henry Kulp   b. ca. 1688  d. 1730
  •   Arnold Kulp   b. 1688

    II. Peter Kulp
      Peter was born in 1671 in Wolfsheim, Baden, Germany and died in 1727 in Mannheim, Palatinate, Germany. He is buried in Manheim, Germany. Peter never left Germany, only son and grandson left for America. Some of his descendants later immigrated to Canada from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He was a Mennonite minister and Bishop. The 3 children of Peter Kulp are as follows:

    III. Konrad Kulp
  •   Dielman Kulp, Jr.   b. 1700   d. 1763
  •   Martin Kulp   b. ca. 1703   d. 1771

    III. Konrad Kulp
    Konrad was born ca. 1690 in Germany. Konrad and son Hans Caspar Kolb (Kulp) came to US from Germany on a ship "Allen". They arrived in Philadelphia on 9/15/1729. The child of Konrad Kulp is as follows:

    IV. Hans Kaspar Kulp

    IV. Hans Kaspar Kulp (First to America)
      Hans was born in 1716 in Germany and died in 1769. He is the first of this line to come to America. He is included in a list of passengers imported in the ship 'Allen' from Rotterdam. He immigrated on September 11, 1729. He is said to have owned 250 acres of land in Chester Co, SC in 2/20/1754. The grant indicates that he occupied the land for some time. He made his will on 9/30/1769 and it was proved on 4/30/1770. It is recorded on the old Charleston Wills Book, 1767-1771 on page 447. It names four daughters and five sons. His wife's name is unknown. Two indentures made on 5/12/1764, each conveying 225 acres to Matthew Patton and to James Patton, respectively, are recorded in Mecklenburg, NC, records. They include the phrase "Free of Dower Rights", which implies his wife had died by then. Casper Culp is generally believed to be the Hans Kaspar Kolb (also Hance Gasper Kulp) who arrived in Philadelphia, PA, aboard the ship Allen out of Rotterdam on 9/15/1729, with his father Konrad Kolb, as recorded in Penn Archives XVII: 18-19. Frances Cole Culp states on page 149 of "Heritage History of Chester County, South Carolina", 1982, that she has been unable to resolve this question either way. See page 150 of "Heritage History of Chester County, South Carolina", 1982, for speculation about the husbands of Casper Culp's daughters. Only Barbara Culp's husband is known for certain. "Captain Bill", Book Three, 1990, by Robert J. Stevens, contains a great deal of information about Hans Casper Culp and his descendants. The 9 children of Hans Kaspar Kulp are as follows:

    V. Benjamin Kulp
  •   Augustine Kulp  m. Agnes
  •   Catherine Lance Kulp
  •   Henry Kulp   b. 1747   d. Abt. 1814
  •   Margaret Brown Kulp
  •   Mary Taylor Kulp
  •   Peter Kulp   d. 1791   m. Ferguson
  •   Barbara Kulp   b. 1733   d. 1785   m. William McKinney
  •   John Kulp   b. 1750   d. 4/17/1809

    V. Benjamin Kulp
      Benjamin was born in 1741 in Mecklenburg, North Carolina and died on 10/29/1819 in Mecklenburg, North Carolina. Conflicting notes say that he was born in PA not NC. Further research is required. He married Anna Mary Rachel Kline on 9/04/1787 in Mecklenburg, North Carolina. She was born on 9/24/1761 in Mecklenburg, North Carolina and died on 7/06/1837 in Mecklenburg, North Carolina. They are both buried at the Burnt Meeting House Cemetary, Mecklenburg, N.C.   Articles about him on pages 148 and 149 of "Heritage History of Chester County, South Carolina", 1982. Settled in Tinkers Creek section of eastern Chester Co., SC. Buried in Burnt Meeting House Cemetery in Chester Co., SC. Died at age 78 on October 9, 1819 [sic]. Page 15 of "Tombstone Records of Chester County, South Carolina and Vicinity Volume I", 1970, by Louise Kelly Crowder, says that he is buried in the Burnt (Lower Fishing Creek) Meeting House Cemetery, Chester Co., SC: "BENJAMIN CULP / Died 9 October 1819 / aged 78 years". Article about him on pages 88-89 of "Captain Bill", Book Three, 1990, by Robert J. Stevens, which says that he died on October 29, 1819, in Chester Co., SC, and gives a corroborating grave stone inscription. He served in SC Militia during the Cherokee War (part of the Seven Year's War or French and Indian War, 1757-1763) and in Bennett's Regiment during the American Revolution. He obtained a land grant from King George III of G. Britain for 100 acres of land, year unknown. The German surname was changed name from "Kolbs" to " Culp" after the Revolutionary War. The 6 children of Benjmain Kulp and Anna Mary Rachel are as follows:

    VI. Hannah Hyatt Kulp
  •   Peter Kulp   b. 9/14/1792   m. Elizabeth Jane McFadden
  •   Benjamin Kulp, Jr  b. 5/15/1794
  •   Margaret Eager Kulp   b. 12//06/1798   m. William Agers
  •   Sarah Crawford Kulp   b. 3/24/1799   m. Alexander Crawford
  •   William Kulp   b. 7/07/1803

    VI. Hannah Hyatt Kulp
      Hannah Hyatt was born on 6/02/1788 in Chester, South Carolina and died on 9/22/1853 in Chester, South Carolina. She married Elijah Hyatt on 4/10/1806. Elijah was born on 7/10/1778 in Chester, South Carolina and died on 11/19/1846 in Chester, South Carolina. They are both buried in Jordan Cemetary, Chester, South Carolina. The 13 children of Hannah Hyatt Kulp and Elijah Hyatt are as follows:

    VII. David Culp Hyatt
  •   Mary Culp Hyatt
  •   Ruth Belle Hyatt
  •   Nancy Hyatt
  •   Sarah Hyatt
  •   Benjamin Culp Hyatt
  •   Elijiah Hyatt
  •   Rhoda Hyatt
  •   Margaret Juliana Hyatt
  •   Susannah Hyatt
  •   Elizabeth Hyatt
  •   Sophronia Hyatt
  •   Rebecca Hyatt

    **Only our direct line is shown here. From Hannah, our line connects to Hyatt through David Culp Hyatt. I do have many more Kulp individuals than shown here. Please email me if you would like more info on ones not listed here. Just click on the Hyatt link above to continue this line.

    **Note: The information gathered here is a piece by piece collection from many sources that I have combined personally to create a more complete early CULP/KULP/KOLB Family History. If you would like to know the sources used to gain this information, please feel free to email me. The permission of those living individuals described here has been obtained in order to post their information.