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John Reed Austin
Thu Apr 21 18:43:15 2005
My email is:
Did you like my site?: OK
The pages of your site that I liked best were: Native American
My age is: 40 - 49
I found your page by: Search Engine
My comments include: I am compiling a family history for my immediate family and would like to see what is available. I first began researching the DeClares when I stumbled upon them on rootsweb. It began with the Reed line until eventually continuing from the DeClares all the way to Abraham! I found the research mostly from a contributer named Florent Coache who had quite a bit of detailed history on many of the ancestors sourced from reliable documentations inserted with the genealogical finds. The only thing missing is paintings or pictures of the faces of these individuals. I was hoping to view them on your site. Also, there is a legend that there was Blackfeet or possibly Cherokee in my family that goes back to John Reed b. 1702, who fought in the Rev. War. He later became an early settler of Minnesota. To this day, the place he resided still believes the familly was somehow connected with the Blackfeet, but so far, I have found nothing to support that theory. That is why I found your "Native American" page intriiguing. Perhaps you have more to share that could guide me in the right direction.JRA
John McEwen
Fri Aug 15 12:30:10 2003
My email is:
Did you like my site?: Most Definitely
The pages of your site that I liked best were: Genealogy
My age is: 40 - 49
I found your page by: Just stumbled in
My comments include: Jaime,You have really researched the de Clare`s genealogy and the de Spencer lines. Gilbert de Clare & Joan of Acre had four children namely Glibert d-1314 Eleanor , Margaret who m- Piers Gaveston ,( had a dau Amy who m- John de Driby ) later Margaret m- Hugh de Audley ( had dau Margaret who m- Sir Ralph de Stafford KG ,Earl of Stafford d-1372). And Elizabeth de Clare m- John de Burgh. John & Amy de Driby are my ancestors. The de Clare line goes back to Rollo the Viking later Robert first Duke of Normandy through Richard 3rd Duke of Normandy.I live in Wingham Ont Canada. John