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The Edwards Family

Flag of England Originated from England in the early 1400's and Image of South Carolina Flag
immigrated to North Carolina sometime in the mid 1700's.
They later settled in South Carolina. This Edward's line
is shown to descend directly from King Henry VIII, as one
of our Edwards ancestor was a son born from King Henry's
Mistress Agnes Blewitt. That is why this line begins with
Tudor. See King Henry VIII below for further explanation.

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  • Abner Edwards
  • Ann Edwards
  • Edwin Edwards - (1788 - ?)
  • Exum Edwards - (1792 - ?)
  • Elizabeth Clementine Edwards - (1830 - ?)
  • Elizabeth Edwards - (1790-?)
  • Haydon Edwards - (1687 - ?)
  • Henry Edwards
  • Henry Edwards
  • Henry Edwards
  • Jacob Edwards - (1729 - ?)
  • Jarrott Edwards - (1756 - ?)
  • Jessie Edwards - (1757 - ?)
  • John Edwards - (1683 - ?)
  • John Edwards - (ca. 1761 - 1821)
  • John Crawford Edwards - (1726 - ?)
  • John Joseph Edwards - (1800 - 1875)
  • Jonathan Edwards
  • Joseph Edwards - (ca. 1730 - 1784)
  • Joseph Edwards, Jr. - (1759 - ?)
  • Joshua Edwards - (1580 - ?)
  • Joshua Edwards - (1718 - ?)
  • Margaret Jane Edwards - (1838 - ?)
  • Marmaduke D. Edwards - (1806 - ?)
  • Martha Edwards - (1731 - 1799)
  • Martha Edwards - (1797 - ?)
  • Martha Jane Edwards - (1835-1881)
  • Mary Ann Edwards - (1826 - ?)
  • Mary Edwards
  • Mary Edwards - (1770 - ?)
  • Nancy Catherine Edwards - (1828 - ?)
  • Peter Edwards
  • Richard Edwards- (1523 - 1567)
  • Richard Edwards, Jr. - (ca. 1554 - ?)
  • Richard Edwards - (1694 - ?)
  • Robert Thomas Edwards - (1662 - 1739)
  • Robert Edwardes - (1475 - ?)
  • Robert Edwards - (1685 - ?)
  • Robert Edwards - (1714 - ?)    - (Captain in the British Navy)
  • Sarah Daniel Edwards - (1753 - ?)
  • Sturton Edwards - (1767 - ?)
  • Thomas Edwards - (1639 - 1671)
  • Thomas Nathaniel Edwards - (1690 - 1781)
  • Thomas Edwards - (1723 - ?)
  • William Edwardes - (ca. 1500 - ca.1547)
  • William Edwards - (1620 - ?)
  • William Edwards - (1720 - ?)
  • William Henry Edwards - (1833 - ?)
  • William Edwards


    The Descendents of Richard Edwardes

    King Henry VIII Tudor

      It is suggested in some documents including in the book 'Edward's Legacy' by David Dean Edwards (1992), that it was whispered among some Tudor researchers that Agnes was mistress to King Henry VIII of England and that the son RICHARD was fathered by King Henry and not by William. But no solid proof has yet to be found if it ever will be. Nor has solid proof been found that Richard was the son of William either. It will be up to the researcher as to which line to follow. I believe that the evidence leans more towards the fact that Richard was the "bastard" son of the King and Agnes and my documentation here will reveal that line. It is documented that Agnes did have a son named Richard, but only 2 sons, William and Henry are shown to be positively the sons of William. Richard is said to have kept his Edwards last name out of shame for the indescency that his month engaged in.     King Henry VIII Tudor was born ca. 1491 and died ca. 1546. He had a mistress named Agnes Blewitt who was born 1509 and she died ca.1575.

    The 1 child of King Henry VIII Tudor and Agnes is as follows:

    I. Richard Edwardes
      ** Note ** It has also been suggested that Agnes was the wife of William Edwardes, born ca. 1500 in England and died ca. 1547. The son Richard is the son that cannot be positively linked to William beucase records suggest that he was born from another man, King Henry VIII. He is known as the "bastard child" of Agnes. The 2 known children of William Edwardes and Agnes are as follows:

  •   William Edwards
  •   Henry Edwards

    I. Richard Edwardes

        Richard was born 1523 in Somersetshite, England and died 1566 in Cadiff, England. He married Helen Griffith in 1563. English composer and poet, who became Master of the Children of the Chapel Royal in 1561 and wrote two plays for them. His five surviving songs, of which the most famous is In going to my naked bed, show the influence of the Franco-Flemish style on English music before the arrival of the Italian madrigal. Three keyboard arrangements of 3 part-songs (only one assigned to him, but the other two assumed to be his from his authorship of the words) survive in MS. English playwright Born in Somerset, Edwards was educated at Oxford, receiving both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree. He considered the law as a career, entering Lincoln's Inn Field, but never took up the practice. Instead he became master of the children at the Chapel Royal, where he created musical dramas that the children's choir could perform. The composition, 'Palamon and Arcite' was written for the Queen, and was performed at Oxford. Sadly this has since been lost. The Queen was impressed with the piece, and intended to bestow a gift on Edwards, but he died soon after the performance. Little more is known of Edwards' life. Edwards' importance as a playwright is that he instigated the basing of the English tragedy on the Latin classical model. His plays were classical in subject, but were set in a contemporary world. The only play of his that is still in existence is 'Damon and Pithias' (1571), and he notes in this his intention to follow Horace in his decorum. The play does not break up into parts in the way other plays of the time did in order, for example, to suggest the passage of time. In this way his play has been seen as having a more natural effect. It has been noted that his true talent was, however, for comedy. He helped to develop the popular appeal of Elizabethan tragedy in pioneering what was, in effect, comic relief in a play. One only has to look at the famous grave digger scene in Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' to see how great this influence was. 'Damon and Pithias' was a rhymed play about two Greek characters. Based on a Greek legend, it tells of how they both insist in giving up their life for each other, as one of them is to be executed by Dionysus. Dionysus is so impressed with their selflessness that he asks to join their brotherhood, and the execution is forgotten. Edwards also compiled the influential 'Paradyse of Dainty Devises' (published posthumously, 1576), a collection of minor poets of the 1560's and 70's. Of Corpus Christi College and Christ Church, Oxford, was master of the children of the Chapel Royal, 1561. He composed Palamon and Arcite (now lost) for Queen Elizabeth's entertainment at Oxford, 1566. The Excellent Comedie of ... Damon and Pithias (printed 1571) is his only extant play. He was the compiler of the Paradyse of Dainty Devises, published after his death (1576). The 1 known child of Richard Edwards and Helen Griffith is as follows:

    II. Richard Edwards

    II. Richard Edwards, Jr.

        Richard was born Abt. 1554 in Cardiff, England. The 1 known child of Richard Edwards, Jr. is as follows:

    III. Joshua Edwards

    III. Joshua Edwards

        Joshua was born 1580 in Cadiff, England. The 1 known child of Joshua Edwards is as follows:

    VI. William Edwards

    VI. William Edwards

        William was born 11/01/1620 in Glenn Morganshire, England. More info:
    "*WILLIAM EDWARDS, son of Richard was born 01 Nov 1618/1620 in London. The Edwards at that time were residents of Edwards Hall, near Cardiff, Glamorganshire, Wales. WILLIAM had at least four sons, William (who settled in Jamestown, Virginia), John, *THOMAS and Robert. Some accounts say the brothers came to the colonies together and settled on land granted to them by the King of England. There was a William Edwards, son of Reverend Richard Edwards of Wales, who came to Boston, Mass. with his stepfather, William Coles in 1630 and settled in Hartford Connecticut about 1636. This information, and the fact that WILLIAM, son of RICHARD, died in Hartford, Connecticut, make it extremely likely that it was our ancestor WILLIAM who was the original immigrant from Wales"
    The 1 known child of William Edwards is as follows:

    V. Thomas Edwards

    V. Thomas Edwards

        Thomas was born 1639 in Edward's Hall, Glamorganshire, Wales and died 1671. He was the captain of the ship 'Society'. He married Elizabeth Hael (Hall) in 1660. She was born in 1639 and died in 1699. The 1 known child of William Edwards is as follows:

    VI. Robert Thomas Edwards

    VI. Robert Thomas Edwards

        Robert was born 1662 in Wales and died 1739. He married Margaret Cuelin on 12/25/1685 in Glamorgan, Wales. She was born in 1666 in Denbigh, Wales and died 1738. The 6 known child of Robert Edwards and Margaret Cuelinis as follows:

    VII. Thomas Nathaniel Edwards
  •   Henry Edwards
  •   John Edwards  b. 1683
  •   Robert Edwards  b. 1685
  •   Haydon Edwards  b. 1687
  •   Richard Edwards  b. 1694

    VII. Sir Thomas Nathaniel Edwards

        Thomas was born 10/14/1690 in Stafford, (England) Wales and died 2/11/1781 in Maryland. He married Isabel (Elizabeth) Downing on 3/17/1713. She was born in 3/12/1693 in Cardilf, Glamorganshire, Wales and died 1783 in Maryland. At the beginning of the Revolutionary War, SIR THOMAS, although very old, was active in supporting the English government and became personally responsible for goods bought in New York for the British Army. At about that time he died, and Robert Edwards II administered the estate. It is documented that he resided in St. Mary's County, Maryland as early as 1678. The 9 known child of Thomas Nathaniel Edwards and Isabel Downing are as follows:

    VIII. Joseph Edwards
  •   Robert Edwards, II.  b. 2/24/1714
  •   Joshua Edwards  b. 1718
  •   William Edwards  b. 4/08/1720
  •   Thomas Edwards  b. 7/07/1723
  •   Leonard Edwards  b. 1725
  •   John Crawford Edwards  b. 2/10/1726
  •   Jacob Edwards  b. 1729
  •   Martha Edwards  b. 1731   d. 1799
      Sources Referenced: Captain Bill Book Three - A Geneaology of the Catawba River Valley of SC; FTM's Family Archives, Disk#11, Tree#4088.

    VIII. Joseph Edwards

        Joseph was born Abt. 1730 in St. Mary's County, Maryland and died 1784 in Halifax County, North Carolina. He married Maryann. She was born Abt. 1735. He came to Halifax County, NC before the American Revolution, as shown by deeds. He wrote his will, naming his wife and ten children on September 28, 1793 and it was proved in the May 1794 term of court. The 10 known child of Joseph Edwards and Maryann are as follows:

    IX. John Edwards
  •   Sarah Daniel Edwards  b. 1753
  •   Jarrott Edwards  b. 1756
  •   Jessie Edwards  b. 1757
  •   Joseph Edwards, Jr.  b. 1759
  •   Peter Edwards
  •   Sturton Edwards  b. 1767
  •   Mary Edwards  b. 1770
  •   Ann Edwards
  •   Jonathan Edwards

    IX. John Edwards

        John was born Abt. 1761 in Halifax County, North Carolina and died 1821. He is buried in Hopewell Baptist Church, Chester Co, S.C. He married Olive Exum in Abt. 1786 in North Carolina. She was born 1764 in Edgecomb Co, North Carolina and died 1828 in Hopewell Baptist Church, Chester Co, S.C. John is buried in an unmarked grave. Sometime between 1792 and 1797, John and Olive migrated to Chester SC, settling on the Catawba River near what is now Great Falls, SC. Later they moved to the Bascomville section of the county, where they farmed and became members of the Hopewell Baptist Church. The 9 known child of John Edwards and Olive Exum are as follows:

    X. John Joseph Edwards
  •   Abner Edwards
  •   Henry Edwards
  •   Edwin Edwards  b. 1788
  •   Elizabeth Edwards  b. 7/28/1790
  •   Exum Edwards  b. 1792
  •   Martha Edwards  b. 2/01/1797
  •   Marmaduke D. Edwards  b. 2/18/1806
  •   Mary Edwards

    X. John Joseph Edwards

        John was born on 5/05/1800 in Chester Co., SC and died 5/13/1875. He is buried in the Old Hopewell Baptist Churchyard, in Chester Co., SC. He married (1) Margaret McCammon in 1826 and (2) Delilah Pardue. Margaret was born 7/29/1810 in Chester County, South Carolina and died 7/26/1839 in Chester Co., SC. She is buried in the Old Hopewell Baptist Churchyard,Chester Co., SC The 6 known child of John Joseph Edwards and Margaret McCammon are as follows:

    XI. Martha Jane Edwards
  •   Mary Ann Edwards  b. 12/11/1826
  •   Elizabeth Clementine Edwards  b. 1830
  •   Nancy Catherine Edwards  b. 11/10/1828   m. Turner
  •   William Henry Edwards  b. 1/30/1833
  •   Margaret Jane Edwards  b. 6/19/1838

    XI. Martha Jane Edwards

        Martha was born on 3/05/1835 in Lancaster County, South Carolina and died 3/10/1881 in Lancaster County, South Carolina. She is buried in Jordan Cemetary in Chester County, South Carolina. She married Issac McFadden Hyatt. He was born 7/10/1831 in Lancaster County, South Carolina and died on 2/27/1881 in Lancaster County, South Carolina. He is also buried in ordan Cemetary in Chester County, South Carolina.

    **My EDWARDS line ends here with Martha Jane EDWARDS and becomes HYATT. Click on the underlined link to go to the HYATT family page.

    **Note: The information gathered here is a piece by piece collection from many sources that I have combined personally to create a more complete early EDWARDS Family History. If you would like to know the sources used to gain this information, please feel free to email me. The permission of those living individuals described here has been obtained in order to post their information.