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  • December 2014 - Owl completed thru hiking the Lonestar Hiking Trail in east Texas on January 2, 2015. 100 miles of hiking by the end and an amazing experience! Check out my journal here for all the details. Journal
  • June 2011 - Well, i, AKA 'Owl' started my solo section hike and conquered it - from Pennsylvania to Virginia! 175 miles in 13 days and it was AWESOME! Challenging, exciting, wet, lonely, scary, spiritual and soo much more!! If you are interested in reading more, check it out: Journal
  • March 2011 - Check out my hiking page with great camping and hiking links and AT details plus my new online hiking journal!
  • August 2010 - Jaime is preparing for her big Appalachian Trail hike in May!! 3 weeks of hiking new terrain and new experiences! I am blessed with a wonderful husband that is willing to be super dad while i am gone! Thanks B! Love you!
  • February 2010 - You can view my past guestbook entries by Surname for my fellow genealogy researchers out there!! Currently access to my guestbook has been restricted due to a software upgrade needed to run properly. I am not sure when it will be back up and running but check out previous entries: Guestbook Log Index
  • April 2007 - Jaime is back into tennis!! She won the 3.5 singles division and 3.5 doubles division with her awesome partner, Merideth Brown, in the Fiesta Tourney in San Antonio!! Congrats girls!
  • March 2007 - Jaime, Joshua and Samuel are baptized in Boerne, Texas!! Praise God for his mercy!
  • August 2006 - My parents finally moved closer to us and the boys. We are soo blessed! Welcome home Mom & Dad Adams!!
  • July 2005 - We delivered a beautiful baby boy named Samuel on July 17th. Even though he was 5 weeks premature, he is a fighter and has surpassed Joshua's weight when joshua was 3 months old!!! 2 boys and our family is now complete! Thank you for your well wishes and cards!
  • March 2005 - We have moved into our new home. Yippee!
  • June 2003 - We delivered our first beautiful baby boy named Joshua on June 9th. After a very hard pregnancy with 3 months of bedrest, he is finally here...healthy and fiesty! Thank God for such a wonderful blessing!!