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The Horger Family

Flag of Switzerland Originated from Bern, Switzerland Image of South Carolina Flag
and immigrated to South Carolina in 1742.

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  • Ann Horger - (ca 1760 - ?)
  • Barbara Horger - (1727 - ?)
  • Catharina Horger - (1725 - ?)
  • Catharina Horger - (ca. 1755 - ?)
  • Elizabeth Horger
  • **Heinrich Horger - (ca.1671 - 1760)
  • Jacob Horger - (1723 - ca.1794)
  • Jacob Horger - (ca 1750 - ?)
  • John Horger - (1758 - ca. 1817)
  • Henry Horger
  • Magdalene Horger - (1730 - 1805)
  • Magdalene Horger - (ca. 1749 - ?)
  • Margaret Peggy Horger - (ca. 1751 - ?)
  • Mary Horger - (ca. 1754 - ?)
  • Peter Horger - (1741 - ?)

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    Descendents of Heinrich (Henry) Horger and Katharina Fuhrer

    I. Heinrich Horger

      Heinrich was born ca. 1671 in Oberhasle, Bern, Switzerland and died 2/14/1760 in Orangeburg County, South Carolina. He married Katharina Fuhrer 8/14/1695. She was born 2/14/1674 in Bern Switzerland. Heinrich was the first of our Horger line to immigrate to the USA in 1742. The 6 children of Heinrich (Henry) and Katharina Fuhrer are as follows:

    II.   Jacob Horger
  •   Magdalene Horger   b. ca. 1730   d. 1805   m. Peter Moorer
           * Also descend from them through the Moorer line. *
  •   Peter Horger   b. 9/14/1741
  •   Catharina Horger   b. 1725   m. Stroman
  •   Barbara Horger   b. 1727   m. Giessendanner
  •   Henry Horger

    II. Jacob Horger, Sr.

      Jacob was born ca. 1723 in Zurich, Switzerland and died ca. 1794 in South Carolina. His will is dated 4/03/1791. He married Lovisia Shaumloffel in 1746 in Orangeburg, South Carolina. She was born ca. 1724 in Zurch Switzerland and died after 1767 in Orangeburg, South Carolina. The 8 children of Jacob Horger and Lovisia Shaumloffel are as follows:

    III.   Elizabeth Horger
  •   Margaret Peggy Horger   b. ca. 1751     m. Inabinet
  •   Jacob Horger   b. ca 1750   m. Inabinet
  •   Mary Horger   b. ca. 1754   m. Snell
  •   Catharina Horger   b. ca. 1755   m. Snell
  •   John Horger   b. 10/28/1758   d. ca. 1817   m. Shuler
  •   Ann Horger   b. ca 1760   m. Felder
  •   Magdalene Horger  b. ca. 1749   m. Whetstone

    III. Elizabeth Horger

      Elizabeth, was born ca. 1763 in Orangeburg Co. , South Carolina. She married John D. Whetstone. He was born in 1751 Orangeburg Co. , South Carolina and died in 1811 in Autauga Co., Alabama. They had 6 children.    John is listed in Captain Jacob Rumph's Militia. Some researchers list Anne Inabinet and Marie DeBardeleben as only descendants of him and his wife. This statement perhaps is based upon two letters written in 1846 by Rev. Jacob Whetstone. There are other descendants that Jacob didn't reveal.

    **Our HORGER line ends here with Elizabeth horger and becomes
    WHETSTONE. Please click on Whetstone above to continue this
    line with John D. Whetstone.


    **Note: The information gathered here is a piece by piece collection from many sources that I have combined personally to create a more complete early HORGER Family History. If you would like to know the sources used to gain this information, please feel free to email me. The permission of those living individuals described here has been obtained in order to post their information.