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The Hubbard Family

Viginia Flag Came from Caroline County, Virginia Image of South Carolina Flag
to the Cheraw District, South Carolina
around 1750.

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  • Elizabeth Hubbard - (ca. 1748 - 1830)
  • **John Hubbard
  • Peter Hubbard - (ca.1720 - 1775)


    Descendents of John Hubbard:

    I. John Hubbard

      John Hubbard was born in Virginia.
    The 1 known child of John is as follows:

    II.   Peter Hubbard

    II. Peter Hubbard

      Peter was born ca. 1720 in Caroline County, Virginia and died in 1775 in Cheraw District, South Carolina. He married Agnes Chiles on 11/12/1744 in Cedar Creek Monthly Meeting House (Quaker), Caroline County, Virginia. Agnes was born in Virginia and died in 1773 in the Cheraw District, South Carolina.
    At a monthly meeting held at a meethouse in Caroline County ye 12th of ye 11th mo. 1744 the friends appointed to attend the marriage of Peter Hubbard and Agness Chiles give in a Reasonable acct. thereof. There was also documentation on pg. 49--Disorders Peter Hubbard, “Deneighing and Disowning the sd. Peter Hubbard whilst he Remaines in that unChristian Spirit from being a member of our Society.” [11 June 1750, Testemony against Hubbard}. Maybe this is why Agnes and Peter moved to South Carolina around 1750.

    Excerpts from the Minutes of Cedar Creek Monthly Meetings film #0288184:

    Peter and Agness published their intentions to marry for the 2nd time on 8/9 Oct. 1744 (Cedar Creek Minutes, pg. 23).

    "Thereas Peter Hubbard of the County of Caroline some of John Hubbard of the County of Amelia and Agness Chiles Daughter of Menoah Childes of the County of Caroline Having published their intention of taking each other in marriage before two monthly meetings of the people called Quakers in Virginia according to the good order used amongst them whose proceedings therein after deliberate consideration with Regard to the Righteous law of God and Examples of his people Recorded in the Scriptures of truth and in that case now approved of by the meet they appearing cleare of all others and having consent of Parence and friends concerned--Now these are to certify all whome it may concern that for the full accomplishing their sd. Intension this ninth day of the T3nth month 1744. They the sd. Peter Hubbard and Agness Chiles appearing in Publick assembly of the aforesd people and others mett together at their publick meeting place in Caroline County and in sollom manner her the sd. Peter Hubbard taking the sd. Agness Chiles by the hand did openly declear as follweth. You are my witnesses that I do this day take this my friends Agness Chiles to be my wife promising witht he Lord’s assistance to be to her a faithful and loving husband tell death. and then the sd. Agness Chiles in like manner Declared as followth. You are my witnessess that I do this day take this my friend Peter Hubbard to be my Husband promising with the Lord’s assistance to be to him a faithful wife tell death, and the sd. Peter Hubbard and Agness his wife as further confirmation thereof did then and there to the presents sett their hands and we whose names are hereunto subs being present amongst others at the solloming of their marriage and subscription in the manner aforesd as witnesses hereunto have sett our names the day and year above written--"

    The 1 known child of Agnes and Peter are as follows:

    III.   Elizabeth Hubbard

    III. Elizabeth Hubbard

      Elizabeth was born Abt. 1748 in Caroline County, Virginia and died in 1830 in Marlboro County, South Carolina. She married William Stubbs in 1770 in Marlboro, South Carolina. He was born 12/22/1748 in Craven County, South Carolina and died on 6/26/1839 in Marlboro County, South Carolina. The 2 known children of Elizabeth and William are as follows:

    IV.   Frances (Fanny) Stubbs
  •   Martha Stubbs

    **Our Hubbard line ends here with Elizabeth Hubbard and becomes STUBBS. Please click on the Stubbs link to continue this line with Frances Stubbs.


    **Note: The information gathered here is a piece by piece collection from many sources that I have combined personally to create a more complete early Hubbard Family History. If you would like to know the sources used to gain this information, please feel free to email me. The permission of those living individuals described here has been obtained in order to post their information.