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The Klein/Kline Family

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before 1792.

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  • ** Moriz Klein
  • Michael Klein - (1716 - 1792)
  • Jacob Kline
  • Sebastian Kline - (1724 - ?)
  • Anna Mary Rachel Kline - (1761 - 1837)

  • The Descendents of Moriz Klein

    I. Moriz Klein
        Moriz was born in Germany. Moriz Klein and his son Jacob came to America on the ship 'Phoenix', landing in Philadelphia on 9/13/1749. Records in the Christ Lutheran Church, Berks County, PA, state that he is the father of Michael Klein, who was married in that church 5/17/1750. Since Michael was born in 1716, it is evident that Moriz was born in the late 1680's or 90's. There are no records of the wife or more family. The 3 known child of Moriz is as follows:

    II. Michael Klein
  •   Jacob Kline
  •   Sebastian Kline  b. 1724   m. Bieber

    II. Michael Kline
        Michael was born in 1716 in Germany and died in 1792 in . He is buried in Cold Water Luthern Cemetary, Cabarris, North Carolina. As a 22 year old man, he came to the US on the ship Charming Nancy, arriving at the port of PA on 11/9/1738. With the other passengers from the ship, they proceeded to the Court House and each signed an oath of allegiance to the British Government. Some of them didn't have the money to pay for their trip and so agreed to be "indentured" to the person who advanced the passage money for them. We don't know if Michael had enough to pay for his trip. Michael proceeded on his way to join the other German immigrants. Since they spoke a different language, the Pennslyvania Dutch community grew. He married Anna Catherine Shuffert on 6/17/1750 in Christ Luthern Church, Berks County, Pennsylvania. She was born on 11/14/1732 in Germany and died 3/11/1798. She is also buried in Cold Water Luthern Cemetary, Cabarris., NC. The Cold Water Church in which they were members, stands only about 1 mile from where their house stood. Catherine came to America when she was about 1 years old with her parents on the ship Richard and Elizabeth, which landed at Philadelphia on September 28, 1733. In the family were George, aged 44, Gertrude age 32, John, 10, and Anna Catherine, 1. The 11 known children of Michael and Catherine are as follows:

    III. Anna Mary Rachel Kline
  •   Anna Elizabeth Kline
  •   Barbel (Barbara) Kline
  •   Catherine Kline
  •   Mary Magdalena Kline
  •   Christina Kline  b. 4/13/1751
  •   Anna Margaret Kline  b.7/10/1761
  •   George Kline  b. ca. 1765
  •   Medlina Kline  b. 1772
  •   Daniel Kline  b. 1774
  •   John Kline  b. 1776

    III. Anna Mary Rachel Kline
        Anna was born on 9/24/1761 in Mecklenburg, North Carolina and died at the age of 75 on 7/06/1837 in Mecklenburg, North Carolina. She married Benjamin Kulp on 9/04/1787 in Mecklenburg, North Carolina. He was born in 1741 in Mecklenburg, North Carolina and died at the age of 78 on 10/29/1819 in Mecklenburg, North Carolina. He served in SC Militia during the Cherokee War (part of the Seven Year's War or French and Indian War, 1757-1763) and in Bennett's Regiment during the American Revolution. They are both buried at the Burnt Meeting House Cemetary in Mecklenburg, North Carolina.     They had 6 children. Please click on the Kulp/Culp link above to continue this line through Benjamin Culp. Scroll down on the Culp surname page and you will find Benjamin and his ancestors. They had 6 known children.

    **My Klein/Kline line ends here with Anna Mary Rachel Kline and becomes Culp/Kulp.


    **Note: The information gathered here is a piece by piece collection from many sources that I have combined personally to create a more complete early KLINE Family History. If you would like to know the sources used to gain this information, please feel free to email me.