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The Moore Family

Image of South Carolina Flag They were settled in South Carolina Image of South Carolina Flag
by 1888.


  • B. Edwin Moore - (1835 - ?)
  • **Benjamin Moore
  • Benjamin Moore, Jr. - (1835 - ?)
  • Carey A. Moore - (1861 - 1914)
  • Duncan Moore
  • Jim Moore
  • Parker Moore
  • Paul Moore
  • Percy Beauregard Moore - (1831 - 1905)
  • Roger Moore
  • Ruby Moore
  • Sadie Elizabeth Moore
  • Watson Moore


    Descendents of Benjamin Moore and Frances (Fanny) Stubbs:

    I. Benjamin Moore, Sr.

      Benjamin Moore, Sr. married Frances (Fanny) Stubbs. Benjamin was born in 1769 in Richmond, North Carolina and died in 1846 in Marlboro, South Carolina. Fanny was born April 15, 1779 in Marlboro, South Carolina and died 12/11/1848.
    The 3 known child of Benjamin and Frances are as follows:

    II.   Benjamin Moore, Jr.
  •   Alfred Yeomans Moore
  •   William Stubbs Moore   b. 3/17/1807 d. 11/27/1863

    II. Benjamin Moore, Jr.

      Benjamin was born 2/25/1835. He married Elizabeth Annie Pearson in Marlboro, South Carolina. She was born on 2/23/1835 and died on 9/23/1901. She is buried in Oakridge Cemetery, North Cook St. , Bennetsvill, South Carolina.
    The 4 known children of Benjamin and Elizabeth are as follows:

    III.   Carey A. Moore
  •   B. Edwin Moore   b. 12/28/1835
  •   Percy Beauregard Moore  b. 2/02/1861   d. 11/28/1905   m. Pipkin
  •   Duncan Moore   m. Spears

    III. Carey A. Moore

      Carey was born 1861 and died in 1914. He married Maggie Wright. She was born in 1864 and died in 1925. Other information about these ancestors is still being researched as there is not much known about them at this time.
    The 7 known children of Carey A. and Maggie are as follows:

    IV.   Sadie Elizabeth Moore
  •   Paul Moore b. 1900
  •   Parker Moore
  •   James E. Moore b. 1898
  •   Roger Moore b. 1892
  •   Ruby Moore b. 1896
  •   Watson Mooreb. 1893

    IV. Sadie Elizabeth Moore

      Sadie Elizabeth was born 10/29/1889 in Bennetsville South Carolina and died in Newton, North Carolina on 12/30/1941. She is buried in the Bennetsville Cemetary in Bennetsville, South Carolina. She married William Perry Adams around 1909. William Perry was born on 9/14/1888 in Marlboro County, South Carolina and died on 6/8/1964 in Columbia, Richland County, South Carolina.
    The 4 known children of Sadie Elizabeth and William Perry are as follows:

    V.   Thomas McLaurin Adams
  •   Margarette Moore Adams b. 10/09/1910 d. 4/15/2005
  •   William Carey Adams b. 10/29/1912
  •   Sarah Elizabeth Adams b. 2/7/1917

    **Our Moore line ends here with Sadie Elizabeth Moore and becomes ADAMS. Please click on Adams above to continue this line with Thomas McLaurin Adams.


    **Note: The information gathered here is a piece by piece collection from many sources that I have combined personally to create a more complete early Moore Family History. If you would like to know the sources used to gain this information, please feel free to email me. The permission of those living individuals described here has been obtained in order to post their information.