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Sacred Flight

-- Crying Wolf

   Grandfather, the Mighty Eagle has much wisdom, for it follows the footsteps of the old one. Your new journey takes you beyond the Great Waters. You shall always walk at my side, for in you I have found my way. I have listened to the trees their song has touched my heart. This sacred place among the mountains and clouds shall be filled with your spirit?
Grandson be as the fresh winter snow for it provides new waters. For it is I, Eagle Guides His Arrows, that shall provide for you. Keep your visions keen as the sight of the Eagle, your strength as his great wings. Our paths are of the same, the sky has many shades. When the sacred rains come they are for your pleasures.
Grandfather your bow has much strength, your arrows have soared to great lengths. Your great shield has protected your heart, from many enemies. In all my strengths I shall find the wisdom to carry my own shield. The White Eagle has left me with a saddened heart. In the Scared Sky I shall see your face, Father Sun shall carry your warmth.
Young brave go and hunt well for many go hungry. It is you that shall become as I. The Mighty Eagle always grasps for the arrow of wisdom. Feed not your people the meat that fills their stomachs. I have gifted you with the many ways a spirit can be filled. My lance has found the hides that have kept your people warm. We have found much wisdom in the many seasons throughout our journey?
Grandfather my heart has cried and my tears are silent as this Sacred Flight. I shall see the Eagle catch his meat and my arrows shall fly in the same winds. Have a safe journey grandfather, for the footsteps you leave I shall follow.
Thank you Grandfather,
Crying Wolf is an Indian poet this speaks to the eternal struggles we face and the strengths we find in our ancestors.