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The Stubbs Family

Viginia Flag Came from Virginia and migrated from North Carolina Flag
Virginia to North Carolina in 1703.

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  • Frances (Fanny) Stubbs
  • James Stubbs
  • James Stubbs - (1755 - ?)
  • John Segar Stubbs - (1718 - 1788)
  • **John Stubbs - (? - 1719)
  • John Stubbs - (1754 - 1788)
  • Lewis Stubbs - (1760 - ?)
  • Martha Stubbs
  • Richard Stubbs
  • Stephen Stubbs
  • Thomas Stubbs
  • Thomas Stubbs - (ca. 1768 - ?)
  • William Stubbs - (1748 - 1839)


    Descendents of John Stubbs and Susannah:

    I. John Stubbs

      John died in 1719 in Virginia. He married Susannah.
    The 1 known child of John and Susannahis as follows:

    II.   Richard Stubbs

    II. Richard Stubbs

      Richard was born in Virginia. He migrated from Virginia to North Carolina in 1703.

    The 2 known children of Richard are as follows:

    III.   James Stubbs
  •   Thomas Stubbs

    III. James Stubbs

      James was born in Bath County, North Carolina. The 1 known child of James is as follows:

    IV.   John Segar Stubbs

    IV. John Segar Stubbs

      John was born in 1718 in Cheraw District, Marlboro County, South Carolina and died on 11/21/1788. He married Rebecca Conner. That the five the sons of John Stubbs the Pioneer, is proven by two facts. Mrs. Holden W. Liles, of Marlboro, left a diary, which has been abstracted by the Pee Dee Chapter D.A.R., in which she names the four brothers of her father, James Stubbs R.S., as William, John Lewis and Thomas. She gives most of the children of these. But this proves only that the five were brothers and not that they were the sons of John. That they were sons of John is proved by Marlboro County Deed Book F-1, Page 327, when William Stubbs, Feb. 10, 1802, appeared in open Court and made oath that he recognized his father’s mark on a Deed “aned further, that he has frequently heard his father say he had made such title within mentioned.” This concerned a sale that John Stubbs had made in 1786 to Thomas Dean of land that had been granted him in 1771. John Stubbs, Sr. the father was too old for combat, but he furnished supplies and services to the Patriot army. He was paid for this service after the war, by the State of South Carolina. Joyce Ann Statham, got his name on the DAR roll of honor by using his record to establish her eligibility. The 6 known child of John Segar Stubb and Rebecca Conner are as follows:

    V.   William Stubbs
  •   Thomas Stubbs  b. ca. 1768
  •   Lewis Stubbs  b. 1760
  •   John Stubbs  b. 1754
  •   Stephen Stubbs
  •   James Stubbs  b. 1755

    V. William Stubbs

      William was born on 12/22/1748 in Craven County, South Carolina and died on 6/26/1839 in Marlboro County, South Carolina. He married Elizabeth Hubbard in 1770 in Marlboro, South Carolina. William Stubbs, eldest son of John Stubbs and Rebecca Conner, says in his pension application “I was born in Cheraw District South Carolina, December 22, 1748.” But at that time and for many years afterward the state lines were unknown. The first location at which the family has been found is on Mountain Creek, Anson County, N.C. In 1767 William Stubbs took out a warrant of survey for 100 acres, “including the place where John Stubbs now lives”. But he never did pay the 50 shillings for the survey and grant. Instead, beginning four years later in 1771 his father John Stubbs started obtaining grants from the South Carolina authorities. Between 1771 and 1774 he took grants for 1000 acres in the “beauty Spot” in what is now Marlboro County. After 200 years of use and abuse, this is still beautiful land. Prior to 1770, land and game was so abundant and living was so easy, that most people living on the frontiers avoided taxes and fees by living on the land without title. Proof of parentage and references History of Marlboro So., S.c., p. 185 Will of William Stubbs, Will Book A. p. 200, Marlboro Co. S.C. WILLIAM father of Martha Stubbs Hill desc. in 1829 in Fayette County, GA, and her mother already being dec the father apparently married again. During the War Between the States, Rev. War pensions to Southerners were cut off until after the war was over and then they were re-established. It looks like here that William Stubbs’ wife--the step-mother to Martha Stubbs Hill already dec., and to William Stubbs the son--received a pension based on William Stubbs’ our ancestor’s service. She must have been some young widow to have outlived William Stubbs by so long, as he died 1839 according to records. She also apparently married William Stubbs the same year that the wife Elizabeth Hubbard Stubbs died--1830. page 86 of Cemetery Records of Marlboro County SC, second ed. 1984 lists William Stubbs, Revolutionary Soldier,l 1748; 1839 in the Liles Cemetery..... The 2 known children of Elizabeth and William are as follows:

    VI.   Frances (Fanny) Stubbs
  •   Martha Stubbs

    VI. Frances (Fanny) Stubbs

      Frances married Benjamin Moore, Sr. The 1 known child of Frances and Benjamin are as follows:

    VII.   Benjamin Moore, Jr.

    **Our Stubbs line ends here with Frances (Fanny) Stubbs and becomes MOORE. Please click on Moore above to continue this line with Benjamin Moore, Sr.


    **Note: The information gathered here is a piece by piece collection from many sources that I have combined personally to create a more complete early Stubbs Family History. If you would like to know the sources used to gain this information, please feel free to email me. The permission of those living individuals described here has been obtained in order to post their information.