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The Royal Tudor Family

Flag of England This royal family originated from Flag of England
England in the early 1400's and remained there.

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  • ** Owen Tudor - (? - 1461)
  • Edmund Tudor - (~1430 - 1456)
  • Henry VII Tudor - (1457 - 1509)
  • King Henry VIII Tudor - (~ 1491 - ~ 1546)


    The Descendents of Owen Tudor (Direct Ancestor of King Henry VIII)

    I. Owen Tudor

        Owen died in 1461. He married Catherine Of Valois. She was born in 1404 and died in 1437.

    The 1 known child of Owen Tudor and Catherine is as follows:

    II. Edmund Tudor

    II. Edmund Tudor

        John was born Abt. 1430 in England and died in 1456. He married Margaret Beaufort of Richmond. She was born in 1441 and died in 1509. She was the daughter of John Beaufort, born 1404 and died in 1444 and Margaret Beauchamp.

    The 1 known child of Edmund Tudor and Margaret is as follows:

    III. Henry VII Tudor

    III. Henry VII Tudor

        Henry VII was born 1457 and died in 1509. He married Elizabeth of York Plantagenet. She was born in 1466 and died 1503.

    The 1 known child of Henry and Elizabeth are as follows:

    IV. King Henry VIII Tudor

    IV. King Henry VIII Tudor

      It is suggested in some documents including in the book 'Edward's Legacy' by David Dean Edwards (1992), that it was whispered among some Tudor researchers that Agnes was mistress to King Henry VIII of England and that the son RICHARD was fathered by King Henry and not by William. But no solid proof has yet to be found if it ever will be. Nor has solid proof been found that Richard was the son of William either. It will be up to the researcher as to which line to follow. I believe that the evidence leans more towards the fact that Richard was the "bastard" son of the King and Agnes and my documentation here will reveal that line. It is documented that Agnes did have a son named Richard, but only 2 sons, William and Henry are shown to be positively the sons of William. Richard is said to have kept his Edwards last name out of shame for the indescency that his month engaged in.     King Henry Tudor was born ca. 1491 and died ca. 1546. He had a mistress named Agnes Blewitt who was born 1509 and she died ca.1575.

    The 1 child of King Henry VIII Tudor and Agnes is as follows:

    V. Richard Edwards
      ** Note ** It has also been suggested that Agnes was the wife of William Edwardes, born ca. 1500 in England and died ca. 1547. The son Richard is the son that cannot be positively linked to William beucase records suggest that he was born from another man, King Henry VIII. He is known as the "bastard child" of Agnes. The 2 known children of William Edwardes and Agnes are as follows:

  •   William Edwards
  •   Henry Edwards

    **My TUDOR line ends here with King Henry III TUDOR and becomes EDWARDS. Click on the underlined link to go to the EDWARDS family page.

    **Note: The information gathered here is a piece by piece collection from many sources that I have combined personally to create a more complete early TUDOR Family History.