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The Turner Family

Still searching for where this family
immigrated from and when, but I do know that they
settled in South Carolina in the late 1800's and many
are still there today.

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The Descendents of Robertson R. and Elizabeth R Turner:

I. Robertson R. Turner

    Robertson married Elizabeth R.
The 11 known children of Robertson R. Turner and Elizabeth are as follows:

II. James Alexander Turner
  • George F. Turner
  • Mary J. Turner  b. 1829
  • Emily M. Turner
  • William Eaton Turner  b. 3/17/1838
  • Trevis Turner  b. 1841
  • Robinson M. Turner  b. 1842
  • Martha Ann Turner  b. 1843
  • John Turner  b. 1845
  • Samuel E.G. Turner  b. 1848
  • Edward B. Turner  b. 1851

    II. James Alexander Turner

       James was born on 9/7/1826 in York County, South Carolina and died on 10/15/1906 in Chester County, SC. He is buried in El Bethel Methodist Church Cemetary, Chester County, SC. He married Nancy Catherine Edwards on 11/10/1847. She was born on 11/10/1828 in Chester County, South Carolina.
        There is some evidence that he was a Confederate Soldier, but still searching. Also his second marriage was to Sarah C. Thomas.
    The 4 known children of James Alexander Turner and Nancy Catherine Edwards are as follows:

    III. Joseph Robert Turner
  • James Alexander Turner  b. 4/3/1857
  • Mary Clementine Turner  b. 9/3/1852   d. 11/13/1939  m. Strait
  • Irene Turner  b. 1867   d. 1869

    III. Joseph Robert Turner

       Joseph was born on December 28, 1848 in Chester County, South Carolina and died on October 12, 1927 in Fort Lawn, South Carolina. He married Julia Hyatt in 1876. She was born on March 04, 1855 in Chester County, South Carolina and died on June 28, 1918 in Chester Co, South Carolina. They are both buried in Elmwood Cemetary, Fort Lawn, Chester Co, South Carolina.
    He was a deacon of the Ft. Lawn Baptist Church for almost 20 years. Julia was also a member of the church.
    The 15 known children of Joseph Robert Turner and Julia Hyatt are as follows:

    IV. Paul Crawford Turner
  • Henry Eager Turner  b. 11/24/1876 d. 1/14/1961 m. Black
  • Cora Irene Turner  b. 10/15/1877   d. 5/03/1958  m. Hutchinson
  • Joseph E. Turner  b. 1878   d. 10/12/1927 m. Barnes
  • Mattie Catherine Turner  b. 2/13/1880 d. 8/21/1972 m. Killian
  • Ida Jane Turner  b. 3/11/1881   d. 7/22/1917  m. Bradford
  • Nannie Turner  b. 1882   d. 1882
  • Issac Alexander Turner  b. 5/30/1883 d. 4/4/1938 m. Jackson
  • Maude Turner  b. December 17, 1885   d. 1/4/1972  m. Nunnery
  • Maggie Clementine Turner  b. 12/12/1886   d. 3/20/1931
  • Charles Brice Turner  b. 12/12/1887 d. 7/6/1971 m. Gibson
  • Claude Hyatt Turner  b. 12/9/1889   m. Jones
  • Carl Bratton Turner, Sr.  b. 10/11/1893  d. 10/3/1961 m. McFadden
  • Jessie Turner  b. 10/17/1894   d. 11/27/1954  m. Sloan
  • Arie Turner  b. 7/30/1896   d. 7/14/1959 m. King

    IV. Paul Crawford Turner

       Paul was born on April 24, 1891 in Ft. Lawn, Chester County, South Carolina and died on November 24, 1983 in Columbia, South Carolina. He is buried in Green Lawn Cemetary, Columbia, South Carolina. He married Belinda (Linnie) Rachel Goldson on June 20, 1915 in Columbia, South Carolina. She was born on July 29, 1897 in Jamison, Orangeburg County, South Carolina and died on September 15, 1983 in Columbia, South Carolina. She is buried in Green Lawn Cemetary, Columbia, South Carolina.
    Paul was a sunday school Superintendent for 27 years. He was also a Baliff for Richland County. Paul then retired from the Southern Railroad Co. after 47 years as chief clerk. Linnie was a Blue Lady of the VFW members.
    The 3 children of Paul Crawford Turner and Belinda (Linnie) Rachel Goldson are as follows:

    V. Walter Eugene Turner
  • Paul Monroe Turner  b. February 25, 1918 d. August 14, 1998 m. Boykin
  • Pearl Doris Turner  b. July 12, 1921 d. May 28, 1995 m. Neville

    V. Walter Eugene Turner (Papa)

       Walter's birth information will be kept private for now. He married Josie Devon White on June 20, 1947 in the First Baptist Church, Florence, South Carolina. Devon's information will be kept private for now.
    Walter (Papa) graduated from the University of South Carolina in 1953 with a Bachelor's degree in Accounting. He graduated CumLaude(with honors). He later became and retired as an auditor with South Carolina Tax Commission.
    Papa went to WWII in April of 1943 and left for oversees in November of 1943. He recieved a purple heart from for his brave efforts. He still has shrapnal in his left shoulder from the shot. He also recieved the Oak Leave Cluster Purple Heart from his bravery after getting shot in the stomach. He is my brave and honorable hero.
    Grandmother (Devon) graduated from Columbia College in 1947 with her bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. She became a talented telephone operator at the Allied Signal Plant in Columbia, South Carolina. She retired in 1989.
    The 3 children of Walter Eugene Turner and Josie Devon White are as follows:

    VI. Claudia Teresa Turner
  • Kevin Turner  b. Private m. Reilly
        * Kevin & Ellen have a son, Jacob Reilly Turner.
  • Larry Eugene Turner  b. Private m. Garrick
        * Larry & Nancy have a son, Brandon Turner.

    VI. Claudia Teresa Turner

       Terry's birth information will be kept private for now. She married Stephen Moore Adams on September 13, 1968 in Columbia, South Carolina. Steve's information will be kept private for now.

    The 1 child of Claudia Teresa Turner and Stephen Moore Adams is as follows:

    VII. Jaime Leigh Adams

    *My TURNER line ends here with Claudia Teresa Turner and becomes ADAMS. Please click on the underlined Adams link above to continue with the ADAMS line and Jaime Adams.

    **Note: The information gathered here is a piece by piece collection from many sources that I have combined personally to create a more complete early TURNER Family History. If you would like to know the sources used to gain this information, please feel free to email me. The permission of those living individuals described here has been obtained in order to post their information.