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Sunday, July 15. 8:28:50 2002
Did you like my site?: Most Definitely
My comments include: Good job! Glad you had fun. Love you, Mom
Kevin Turner
Friday, August 17. 12:19:05 2002
My email is:
Did you like my site?: Most Definitely
The pages of your site that I liked best were: Pictures
My age is: under 20
I found your page by: Other
My comments include: You should always evaluate the effectiveness of a page by the impact it has on those viewing it. Your work just brought about 10 minutes of warmth and love to an otherwise stressful and typical day. It's amazing how you, and the things you do (this page is just one example) can affect peoples lives. Thanks sweetie, You've made my day. UKT
Larry Turner
Friday, May 4.8:33:19
Did you like my site?: Most Definitely
My age is: 40 - 49
I found your page by: Family Member
My comments include: Your box for email address isn't long enough for mine....and you really had to ask me to put in my age range. As you can see I'm still in denial. I just can't admit I'm in the 50-59 range. I can't be 50, I still like rock and roll! Later, LT